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The title photo in animated play looks like animate (quarter scale to save download time, only ten frames shown).

MidiKal is TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY music player which can be downloaded free at this site. V1.2 has been available since 24 December, 1999. V1.2 is a minor release that fixes bugs with playlists which have links between photos and music. It also provides extensive help on playing MP3 files and RealAudio music.

Turn on MidiKal and tune in to your favorite MIDI or MP3 music while watching your best photographs produce a mind expanding kaleidoscopic animation. Whatever your musical and photographic tastes, MidiKal lets you indulge them to the full. An internet full of images and thousands of free MIDI and MP3 music files guarantees that you can have nonstop pleasure for as long as you like. The Playlists button gives you organized access to this wonderful treasure trove on the internet. Put MidiKal up in the corner of your desktop and glance at it as you work to the sound of music. Stretch MidiKal to cover half the screen and take a break. Set up MidiKal as a screensaver to entertain the whole family.

What kind of kaleidoscope does Blue-gill produce? Click the Bluegill picture and find out.

Hmm. Christmas is coming eventually. I should really make myself a Christmas playlist. OK. First, I'll go on the internet and find some great photos and music. If I search using 'christmas image', I should uncover lots of images. I'll probably go to one of the large MIDI sites such as or or or a large MP3 site like and look up their Christmas selections. I'll download the photos to a directory c:\xmasphoto and the music files to a directory c:\xmasmusic. Next, I'll start up MidiKal and click on Ed to bring up the playlist edit screen. Then I'll click Add photo to bring up the file dialog and find the c:\xmasphoto directory. I'll click on the first photo to select it and then move down to the last photo and hold the Shift key down while I click on it. (That will select all of the photos from first to last.) Then I will hit OK and watch the photo playlist fill with all the photos. I'll click on Add music and go through a similar process to load all the Christmas MIDI or MP3 files in my c:\xmasmusic directory. Then I hit the Play now button and sit back and enjoy the photos, MIDI and MP3 files, and novel kaleided designs.

On the other hand, I do like other music and images. Take the Spice Girls for instance. Now out on the internet at the Spice Shack I can find lots of images and music files to build up my very own Spice Girls playlist. It has everything I want, all at one spot. Fan clubs are great. I leave it to you!

Do It Now: If somebody wanted to create a web version, the cheapest hosting would be at Godaddy using a nice promo code
Download MidiKal from shareware sites for free trial use.
Register MidiKal for $US20 and enable image save and unlimited operation.


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